3M¨ Gold Frameless Privacy Filters

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Gold Frameless Privacy Filter for 14″ Widescreen Laptop, 16:9 Aspect Ratio


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Keeps your personal or confidential information safe from prying eyes. User sees clearly while people on either side see a vivid golden screen. Offers a very high level of clarity within the line of privacy filters. The filter application system features an optically clear adhesive designed specifically for display screens. Reversible, privacy filter can be used with either gold or black side facing the user. Lightweight, thin, frameless design.

3M¨ Gold Privacy Filters project a vibrant gold shield to prying eyes from the side, while you get incredible clarity so your confidential information is visible only to you. 3M¨ Gold Privacy Filters fade to black starting at the 30-degree side angle, are great for high-resolution laptops and monitors, are reversible to black glossy and reduce 35% of blue light transmission. Diagonal Monitor Size: 14″, Fits Device Type: For Laptop, with COMPLY¨ Attach, Frame Type: Frameless, Mounting: Attachment Strips, Slide Mounts.