3M¨ Under-Desk Keyboard Drawer

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Under Desk Keyboard Drawer, 23w x 14d, Black


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Featuring three distinct height positions to ensure the ideal working posture. Includes an extra-wide tray to match virtually all keyboards. Steel ball bearings provide smooth operation and movement. Includes a leatherette gel wrist rest. Retractable mousing pad with the 3M¨ Precise¨ mousing surface attaches left or right. Workstation TypeÑStraight.

Features three height positions on a track with ball-bearing hardware ensures smooth operation. Extra-wide tray accommodates virtually all keyboards. Includes a leatherette gel wrist rest with anti-microbial protection and 3M¨ Precise¨ Mousing Surface. Retractable mousing tray attaches on either the left or right. Color: Black, Workstation Type: Straight, Height (+/- Desktop): -1 3/4″/-3 1/2″, Keyboard Tray Dimensions (W x D): 23″ x 14″.