Bostitch¨ Super Pro¨ Glow Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Super Pro Glow Commercial Electric Pencil Sharpener, AC-Powered, 6.13″ x 10.63″ x 9″, Black/Silver


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XHC_¨ cutter technology for 75% faster sharpening and 12x longer life. SharpStop¨ shuts motor off when sharpening is complete to prevent oversharpening. SharpGlow¨ illuminates to indicate sharpening completion. Heavy-duty fan-cooled QuietSharp¨ motor delivers quiet, stall-free operation with normal use. Tamper-proof MagnaSafe¨ safety switch prevents operation when shavings tray is removed. One-hand, easy-turn six-size pencil selector dial with TriWrite¨ compatibility.

Powerful, colored-pencil compatible sharpener with removable cutters Ð a unit designed for premium performance in a school or commercial setting. Removable XHC_¨ cutters deliver 75% faster sharpening, a 12x longer life and can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement without any tools. Stall-free QuietSharp¨ motor equipped with thermal-overload protection for increased motor life. MagnaSafe¨ tamper-proof safety switch shuts motor off when the large, easy-to-clean shavings receptacle is removed. SharpStop¨ technology shuts motor off and SharpGlow¨ signals completion. Easy-turn pencil-selector dial has six hole sizes to choose from (TriWrite¨ compatible). Brushed metal case for durability and oversized base with suction cup feet for extra stability. Antimicrobial protected. Sharpener Type: Electric, Power Type: AC, Cord Length: 6 ft, Intended-Use Environment: Home, Office.