Diversey¨ Crew Easy Pak

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Crew Easy Pak, Pleasant Scent, 6.3 lb Packet, 90/tub, 2 Tubs/Carton


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Just drop in each individual, premeasured packet and watch it go into action. An effervescing, specially-formulated blend of enzymes and detergents go to work immediately to attack organic waste and urinary salt, even in cool bowl water. Contains no harsh acids or caustics and won’t harm plumbing fixtures, porcelain, metal, wood and painted surfaces. Combines the advantages of pre-measure with water-solubility so there’s no guesswork, waste or messy clean-up.

Concentrated powdered compound quickly dissolves in water to produce a cleaning dilution that can be varied to meet your needs. Specially-formulated enzyme/detergent blend quickly dissolves in water to attack organic waste and urinary salts without harsh acids or caustics. Will not harm plumbing. Pleasant scent. Application: Restrooms, Applicable Material: Ceramic, Fixtures, Metal, Painted Surfaces, Wood, Chemical Compound: Sodium Chloride, Dirt Types: Organic Waste, Urinary Salts.