Diversey¨ Spitfire All Purpose Power Cleaner

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Spitfire All Purpose Power Cleaner, Liquid, 32 oz, 4/Carton


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Formulated to penetrate, dissolve and lift soils from the surface allowing you to easily wipe away stubborn stains. Quickly dissolves graffiti like spray paint, ink, crayon and permanent marker without damaging the surface. Wipes away grease, oils and food stains from kitchen surfaces. Removes scuffs, heel marks, tar, gum and rubber marks from floors. Just grab, spray and wipeÑno diluting necessary.

Ideal for offices, kitchens, break rooms, schools, retail stores, automotive centers, industrial plants, restaurants and other commercial facilities. Application: Washable Surfaces, Applicable Material: Washable Surfaces, Chemical Compound: Benzyl Alcohol, Dirt Types: Adhesive, Crayon, Daily Soil Build-Up, Food, Grease, Gum, Ink, Marker, Oil, Scuff Marks.