Guardian EliteGuard Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat

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EliteGuard Indoor/Outdoor Floor Mat, 36 x 60, Charcoal


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Outstanding walk-off performance for heavy, multi-directional traffic application. Bi-level construction traps dirt and debris below the walking surface keeping your floor clean. Stain-resistant, colorfast and permanently anti-static. Certified ÔHigh TractionÕ by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI). Custom cuts that can be seamed and tailored to fit most any specific dimension. Beveled edges for additional stability.

These indoor mats are manufactured using high quality, durable, stain-resitant polypropylene fiber. This fiber allows us to craft unique mats that offer outstanding walk-off performance for heavy, multi-directional traffic applications. These mats may be custom cut, seamed and tailored to most any specific dimensions both large and small. Ideal for use in entranceways, indoor and outdoor, high traffic areas, vestibules and revolving doors. Mat Type: Wiper Mat, Application: Indoor Entryway, Width: 36″, Length: 60″.