Honeywell Fendall Saline Cartridge Refill for Pure Flow 1000

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Fendall Saline Cartridge Refill Set for Pure Flow 1000, 3.5gal, 2/Set, 1 Set/Ct


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Delivers required 15 minutes of flow. Purified, buffered saline solution. Trilingual label. Works with Fendall Pure Flow 1000 system.

Ensure that eyes are thoroughly cleansed, with a full fifteen minute flushing from saline eyewash cartridges. Purified, buffered saline solution provides superior performance in emergencies, a significant improvement over tap water. Trilingual labels allow a wide variety of users to understand instructions. Cartridges are a vital part of the Fendall Pure Flow 1000 eyewash station. Capacity (Volume): 3 1/2 gal, Packing Type: Cartridge, Description: Eyewash cartridge providing purified, buffered saline solution for full 15 minutes of flushing.