HOSPECO¨ SureGrip Absorbent Adhesive Floor Mat

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SureGrip Absorbent Adhesive Floor Mat, Indoor/Outdoor, 34″ x 100 ft, Gray


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When used in entryways, SureGrip will stop dust, dirt and debris from entering offices and storefronts. Offers better absorption than rental mats, which can leave puddles and run-offs. SureGrip will not shift, creep, bunch up, slide or get caught under wheels. For proper adhesion, surface must be clean and dry. Easily cleaned by broom, vacuum, shop vac or floor scrubber.

SureGrip combines the absorbing power of a sorbent with the convenience of using a mat, while reducing the hazards of slips, trips and falls. SureGrip is fast drying and easy to clean. Custom cut to any size for those hard-to-fit areas. Mats are durable enough to withstand both foot and forkift traffic. Can be easily cleaned by using a broom, vacuum, shop vac or floor scrubber. Mat Type: Absorbent, Adhesive Floor Mat, Application: Hard Floors, Width: 34″, Length: 100 ft.