Innovera¨ Gel Screen Cleaner

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Anti-Static Gel Screen Cleaner, w/Gray Microfiber Cloth, 4oz Spray Bottle


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Improve your view. Formulated for high-end touch, plasma and LCD screens. No-drip, no-streak gel. Convenient, lint-free disposable wipes included. Alcohol-free.

Improve your view. Specially formulated solution safely and effectively cleans high-end touch, plasma and LCD screens. No-drip, no-run gel helps ensure streak-free performance. Package includes convenient, lint-free disposable wipes. Alcohol-free. Cleaning KitÑIncludes 4 oz spray bottle and 6″ x 7″ microfiber cloth. Application: Glare Filters, LCD Screens, Touch Screens, Plasma Screens, CRT Screens, Applicable Material: Fiberglass, Glass, Plastic, Vinyl, Dirt Types: Body Oils, Dust, Fingerprints, Grease, Grime, Smudges, Soil, Scent: Unscented.