Ionic Pro¨ Platinum Air Purifier

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Pro Platinum Air Purifier, 600 sq ft Room Capacity, Black


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Silent. Removes allergens. Traps germs and Irritants. Advanced technology. Strong, silent and sleek.

The Ionic Pro Platinum starts by creating negative ions and releasing them in the air. Negative ions have long been shown to have a positive effect of mood and overall health. Those feel-good ions also adhere themselves to the pollutions, germs, allergens, and then are attracted to the permanent filter plates in the unit and are trapped. This makes cleaning the filter as easy as a rinse in the sink or a cycle in the dishwasher. Air Cleaner Machine Type: Ionic, CADR: 107 (smoke), 107 (dust), 116 (pollen), Maximum Room Size (Square Footage): 600 sq ft, Maximum Room Size: Large.