Lathem¨ Time 700E Calculating Time Clock

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700E Calculating Time Clock, White


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Tracks time for up to 100 employees. Can be set to either Calculating or Non-Calculating mode. Time can be printed in AM/PM or 24-hour format. Minutes can be displayed in 60-minutes/hour format or as hundredths of an hour. Supports all pay period options. SmartClock¨ technology with battery backup saves information during power outages.

The 700E is a fully automatic simple calculating time clock that can be used to track time for up to 100 employees. It can be set up to either calculate total hours or simply print the date and time employees clock in and out. With support for any pay period, exact minute or rounding time format, and ease of use, the 700E is a great option for any employee time tracking system. The 700E requires Lathem¨ E17 time cards. Time Clock Type: Electronic, Number of Employees: 100, Imprint Style: Hour, Minute, Month, Minute Increments: Decimal Hundredths.