Lathem¨ Time LT5000 Electronic Time & Date Stamp

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LT5000 Electronic Time and Date Stamp, Electronic, Cool Gray


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Patented single insertion with one or two-line printing. Customize up to four unique print sets. Configure print formats on the web and update via USB drive. Operate as document stamp, time clock, or numbering machine. Print custom text along with time and date. Choose from 30 standard print formats and 15 preset comments (RCVD, SENT, etc.).

A revolutionary new electronic time stamp that features patented two-line printing and fully customizable text messages. Configure up to four different print sets and choose which one to print on-the-fly. Customize the date and time including four-digit years, 24-hour or 1-12 AM/PM, regular minutes, tenth of an hour and seconds. A programmable eight-digit sequential number can be appended to any print set. All print formats and custom text messages can be configured online, and programmed to the unit using a standard USB flash drive. Precision time base +/- 15 seconds per month uses Smart Clock functionality which adjusts automatically for DST, automatic month changes, leap year and keeps all time and settings during power failure. Internal LED light, adjustable margin setting and a built-in paper positioning guide. Heavy-duty mechanism supports up to half a million imprints. Optional UPS battery allows for operation for 24 hours or 200 prints without power. Time Clock Type: Electronic, Imprint Style: Customizable, Minute Increments: Minute, 1/10th or 1/100th, Display Type(s): Digital.