Mercury Floor Machines PRO Series Ultra High-Speed Burnisher

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PRO-1500 20 Ultra High-Speed Burnisher, 1.5hp


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High-powered, D/C rectified motor. Precision-balanced all-metal chassis. Interlocked safety switch. Low-profile apron with full-coverage bumpers. Order pads separately. Flexible, auto-centering pad holder. Fully adjustable handle.

High-powered, D/C rectified motor ensures reliable, brown-out-free, high-speed operation. Precision-balanced all-metal chassis helps users maintain even pad pressure, enabling more consistent results. Interlocked, non-conductive safety switch minimizes the potential for injuries. Low-profile apron with full-coverage bumpers simplifies maneuverability while protecting walls and baseboards. Flexible pad holder automatically conforms to floor irregularities. Fully adjustable handle may be set to accommodate nearly anyone. Order pads separately. Floor Machines Type: Burnisher, Handle Type: T-Grip, Brush Diameter: 20″, Power Capacity: 1.5 hp.