Method¨ Dish Soap Pump

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Dish Soap Pump, Pink Grapefruit, 18 fl oz Pump Bottle


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Dishwashing soap, made from naturally derived ingredients, effectively dissolves grease. Powered by Powergreen¨ Technology for a non-toxic dish soap. Pump bottle for controlled dispensing. Pleasant scent.

Eliminate unpleasant grease and stubborn, stuck-on food with the power of a dishwashing soap made from naturally derived ingredients. Uses Powergreen¨ Technology for a non-toxic clean. Pump dispenser provides more squirt control with one-handed convenience. Pleasant scent leaves dishes smelling great. Application: Dishwashing, Applicable Material: China, Glass, Plastic, Silver, Chemical Compound: Citric Acid, Colorant, Lauramine Oxide, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Dirt Types: Dried Food, Grease.