Sealed Air Cell-Aire¨ Polyethylene Foam Packaging

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Cell-Aire Polyethylene Foam Packaging, 1/8″ Thick, 12″ x 175ft Roll


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Nonabrasive, lightweight, moisture-resistant material. Nonstick, high-cling capability. Contains recyclable material. Convenient dispenser box.

Nonabrasive, lightweight, moisture-resistant packaging material made of low-density foam for many packing and protective uses. Due to its high-cling capability, it holds protected objects snugly, but it leaves behind no sticky residue after contents are unpacked. Contains material that is recyclable, so waste issues are less problematic for shippers and recipients concerned about the environment. Dispenser box keeps content neat and organized until it is cut for use. Length: 175 ft, Width: 12″, Thickness: 0.125″, Perforation: Every 12″.