Therapure¨ Mini Plug-In Air Purifier

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Mini Plug-In Collection Blade Air Purifier, One Speed, Black/Silver


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Mini air purifier designed for smaller spaces. Uses UV light technology to destroy germs. Effectively captures harmful particles and allergens. No filters to replace. Neutralizes unpleasant odors. Perfect for bathrooms, closets, offices and more.

Therapure¨ Mini delivers cleaner, fresher, healthier air to smaller indoor environments, such as bathrooms, closets, pantries and other small areas in homes or offices. Effectively captures harmful particles and allergens on easy-to-clean stainless steel collection blades. You can plug the Mini anywhere in your house! Black/Silver. Air Cleaner Machine Type: Collection Blade, Filter Types: Stainless Steel Collection Blades, Color(s): Black/Silver, Speeds: 1.