Tidy Girl¨ Plastic Feminine Hygiene Disposal Bag Dispenser

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Plastic Feminine Hygiene Disposal Bag Dispenser, Gray


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This heavy-duty dispenser allows for quick and easy access. Esthetically pleasing and durable, the dispenser can be used in any restroom. Cleans easily. Instructions on the dispenser and easy access bag removal help to prevent the spread of germs and cross contamination associated with feminine hygiene products disposal. Installs in minutes. Holds a full 150 count roll of Tidy Girl¨ Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Disposal Bags.

Plastic dispenser provides quick, easy, sanitary distribution of Tidy Girl¨ Feminine Hygiene Disposal Bags (sold separately) to restroom patrons. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the face of the dispenser for proper use and disposal of bags. Durable plastic, lockable lid, easy installation and easy to clean.