TimeMist¨ 9000 Shot Metered Air Freshener Refills

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9000 Shot Metered Air Freshener Refill, Clean N’ Fresh, 7.5 oz Aerosol, 4/Carton


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Highly concentrated premium fragrance and odor counteractants in one can–perfect for your odor control program. Time and labor saver through 90 days of continuous use. Dual odor counteractants specially designed for the strongest mal odors. Contains 9000 shots and provides 90 days of continuous use when set at 15 minute intervals. For use in TimeMist¨ Metered Air Freshener Dispensers. (sold separately).

Highly concentrated fragrance and dual odor counteract in one can. Saves time and labor and offers 90 days of continuous fragrance when set at 15 minute intervals. Scent: Clean N’ Fresh, Physical Form: Liquid, Application: Automatic Odor Control, Capacity (Volume): 7.5 oz.