Unger¨ Water Wand Acme Insert

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Water Wand Acme Insert


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Converts Unger¨ Water Wand squeegees from a tapered to an Acme-threaded socket. Converts Water Wand from tapered to ACME socket, allowing use of either type of handle.

Adapter enables the use of Water Wand squeegees with Acme-threaded-end extension poles. Strip-resistant die cut ensures durability. Easy to attach to all Unger¨ extension poles. Adapter Type: Acme Insert, Connects Devices (From/To): Extension Pole to Squeegee, Stem/Thread Type: Acme Thread, Tapered Socket, For Use With: Unger¨ EZ120, EZ250, EZ400, ED370, ED450, ED550, ED901.