Unimed Essential OSHA Compliance Kit

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Essential OSHA Compliance Kit, 13 Pieces, 16 x 16 x 12


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Kit is packed with products every facility can use to keep workers and customers safe. Protects from healthcare safety hazards common in every facility, including: biohazard spill clean up and disposal (blood and bodily fluids), containment and disposal of used sharps (needles for insulin or epinephrine), surface disinfection to help prevent the spread of flu, common colds & other transmissible diseases All components are easy to use, even by staff who are not medically trained. All products meet federal standards for medical grade quality. EPA-registered disinfectant for thorough kill of pathogens on surfaces, OSHA-compliant sharps container, bracket, waste disposal bags and bucket for effective protection from potentially infectious waste, and safe disposal, Medical grade gloves for the highest protection against pathogens and chemicals. All products are single use, gloves, disinfectant wipes, and spill clean-up products should be placed in the biohazard waste bucket.

Protect your staff and customers from common safety hazards in every workplace. All products meet standards for medical grade quality. EPA-registered disinfectant, Medical Grade gloves, OHSA compliant spill clean-up kits and OSHA compliant sharps container with mail away capability. Take care of both biohazard body fluid spills and needle sharps waste in one kit. Mount sharps container in common areas to reduce liability with needle sticks and increase workplace safety. All products can be disposed of in Mail-Away sharps container and sent through UPS carriers (transportation, disposal and incineration charges all included). Contains (1) Box of 50 individually packaged CaviWipes XL Surface Disinfection Towelettes, (1) Box of 50 OneSafe Nitrile Latex-Free Exam Gloves, Size Small, (1) Box of 50 OneSafe Nitrile Latex-Free Exam Gloves, Size Medium, (1) Box of 50 OneSafe Nitrile Latex-Free Exam Gloves, Size Large, (1) 1-Quart Red Sharps Container with Mail-Away Box, (1) Wall Mount Bracket for 1-Quart Red Sharps Container, (2) Biohazard Spill Clean-Up Kits, (2) Plastic Disposable Scooper/Scrapers, (2) 0.75 oz. RedZ Absorbent Crystal Packets, (1) 1-Gallon Bucket for Non-Sharps Biohazard Waste with Mail-Away Box. Number of Pieces: 13, Case: No, Size: 16″ x 16″ x 12″.