Verbatim¨ CD-RW Rewritable Disc

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CD-RW Discs, 700MB/80min, 4X/12X, Spindle, 25/Pk


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Certified 2x-4x speed rewrite compatibility. Rewritable up to 1,000 times. Read compatible with multi-read CD & DVD drives. Long archival life.

Industry standard for performance, compatibility, and reliability. These discs can be erased and rewritten to multiple times. CD-RW media is ideal for drag & drop recording using packet writing software. Look to these discs to store digital images, data back-up and desktop file storage. Disk Type: CD-RW, Capacity (Music): 80 min, Recordable Format: Rewritable formatÑmay record and re-record data up to 1,000 times., Capacity Range (Data): 700 MB.