Verbatim¨ UltraLife¨ Gold Archival Grade DVD-R

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UltraLife Gold Archival Grade w/Branded Surface DVD-R, 4.7GB/16X, 50/PK Spindle


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Proprietary dual reflective layer technology. Gold layer maximizes disc lifetime by protecting data from corrosion. Silver layer delivers high reflectivity and broad read/write compatibility. Hard coating protects recording surface against scratches and rough handling. Patented azo dye technology.

Look to archival grade DVD-R media to preserve your family photos and home movies as well as critical corporate data. Each disc is manufactured using VerbatimÕs proprietary unique dual reflective layer technology which is comprised of a silver layer for broad compatibility and a gold layer for long archival life. The gold reflective layer, naturally resistant to corrosion, prevents oxygen from coming through the DVD bonding material and corroding the silver reflective layer. To further extend media lifetime, the DVDs contain a hard coating on the recording side to protect the discs from scratches. Disk Type: DVD-R, Capacity (Video): 120 min, Recordable Format: ÒWrite OnceÓ formatÑmay not be altered once data is written to the disc., Capacity Range (Data): 4.7 GB.