Werther’s¨ Original¨ Hard Candies

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Hard Candies, Caramel with Caramel Filling, 30 oz Bag


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Classic, sweet hard candies. Sweet, smooth caramel, flavor. Made with delicious, high quality ingredients – like butter and fresh cream. Individually wrapped candies are perfect for purses and pockets.

Some things only get better with age – like these traditional hard candies, made from the original family recipe. The sweet, smooth caramel flavor will satisfy any sweet tooth. Individually wrapped candies are made with delicious, high-quality ingredients, including fresh butter and cream. Sweet, individually-wrapped treats are perfect for purses and pockets – great for a little sweetness on the go. Caramel with Caramel Filling. Food Type: Hard Candy, Flavor: Caramel, Capacity (Weight): 30 oz, Packing Type: Bag.