WypAll¨ Oil, Grease & Ink Cloths

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Oil, Grease and Ink Cloths, Jumbo Roll, 9 3/5 x 13 2/5, Blue, 717/Roll


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Durable wipes absorb up to 8x their weight in oil and they have 25x less lint than laundered shop towels. Piable to fit into tight spaces and maintain their strength even when saturated in oil. Disposable cloths clean oil, dirt, grime and solvents, while remaining resistant to harsh cleaning agents. These wipes are fresh and clean every time and are a more efficient alternative to laundered rental shop towels. Acid-, base- and solvent-resistant. Very absorbent, which makes cleaning and prepping easy.

If you have a task where wiping precision and reliability are important, WypAll¨ Oil, Grease and Ink Cloths are an excellent choice. They are designed for wiping tasks where low lint or the use of chemicals is required, as the polypropylene sheets are specially engineered for critical applications involving solvents, inks and paints. These absorbent sheets are acid-, base- and solvent-resistant, and ideal for use with lubricants, oil and grease. Whether you’re responsible for cleaning by hand, manufacturing/assembly, pre-packaging wipe-down or refinishing, these industrial wipers are essential tools of the trade. Jumbo Roll. Application: Auto Care, General Purpose, Industrial, Warehouse, Applicable Material: Multiple, Material(s): Polypropylene, Number of Plies: 1.