Zep¨ Cherry Bomb Hand Cleaner

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Cherry Bomb Hand Cleaner, Cherry Scent, 1 gal Bottle, 4/Carton


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Removes grease, ink, tar and dirt from hands quickly. Fortified with pumice for powerful, deep cleaning. Mild cherry scent and low odor solvent formula penetrates and effectively overcomes residual odors of diesel and other fuels on hands. Moisturizers condition hands and keep them from drying out.

Remove dirt, grease, and odors from your hands quickly and effectively. Pumice scrubs hands to remove ground in dirt. Mild cherry scent and low odor solvent. Enriched with emollients to protect the hands by replacing skin oils and preventing dryness. Soap Type: Cream, Application: Hand, Capacity (Volume): 1 gal, Scent: Cherry.